Still in Mangaf… Not on

May 26, 2015

I registered this domain name ten years ago when we bought our house in Mangaf and I still use it for my main email address.  However, I no longer write updates about the town.  In fact I’m writing less and less elsewhere else too.

If you’re looking for me, you can find me somewhere here.

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Mohammad Abdullah (BuYousef)


February 17, 2014


How well a garden or a side-street looks is a true indicator of civilisation (in my opinion if not that of the scientific community).  These took me by surprise as I would have expected them way after any water system is established but it seems both come together.  They’re planting the palms and installing the watering system all in time for spring.  The trees will hopefully take root and feel at home ready for their first Mangaf summer.  This great addition to our local views could not have been better timed.


Then and Now

October 26, 2013


Even without taking into account the major works on the junction in the last post, Mangaf has seen some changes from the roots.  It looks and feels different despite the fact that we’re still frustrated with the construction-site-feel that seems to have stayed a little too long.  I suppose I need to see trees and greenery before it starts to look a little more complete.

Still – it’s impressive when we look back and the picture today says it best.  Google Earth images seven to eight years apart.  The difference really is visible.


Opened Yesterday

September 22, 2012


This should help the roads as more and more people move in. It offers an entrance from the highway into Mangaf without stopping at any lights. Theoretically it should mean leaving Mangaf without any lights but I hope it doesn’t become another bottle neck we all want to avoid.

Looks like a good job that actually finished on time. I don’t know anything about their budgets but if they planned their finances the same way I’m sure the contactor did well.

Water Water Everywhere

September 4, 2012


Mangaf is looking significantly different with many houses under construction in what seems like a second boom after the roads. The blocks are outlined, the streets are numbered and water is now available for those who complete the tedious paperwork for connection to the mains. I jog here in the evenings and the level of traffic has increased – uncomfortably so in some parts – but it’s a sign of more and more people moving in. The mix is of many nationalities, from the east and the west. Even the Kuwaitis who have bought here are from all the backgrounds that make up Kuwait.

Another year or so for the final tidying up and this town will be a wonderful place to live.

The Open Road

July 23, 2012


The big diversion has been removed on 30 at the Mangaf exit and the road officially numbered 303. They’re yet to sort out the exit roads and connection to Sabahiya but it’s all looking very good indeed.